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Dennis Gowen

Swiss Reinsurance America Corp.

Treasurer / Secretary

Jim S. Rowles
Mississippi Farm Bureau Cas. Ins. Co.

Vice President

Sam Crisalli
Dryden Mutual



Tim Trueworthy 

NYCM Insurance

Constance Woods

American Southern

Michael Hale


Ross Poole

NC Farm Bureau

Mike Meyer

NC Farm Bureau

Amanda Sheffield

ACEA Admin. Asst.


ACEA’s membership consists of home office level senior claim executives or managers who oversee their prospective companies’ claims operations in the Atlantic or Gulf States.

From its inception, the ACEA has created a high level of participation and cooperation among its membership.

In addition to producing cooperation and the sharing of ideas among its membership, the ACEA fosters the development of leadership.


The ACEA is not just a forum by which its members can share ideas and network. The ACEA has specific objectives which are designed to enhance the insurance industry’s delivery of claim services to the general public.

The ACEA’s principal objectives:

  1. To maintain an association of claim executives from property and or casualty insurance companies or corporate self insurers whose companies are domiciled in or having as their area of responsibility, designated Atlantic states.
  2. To maintain a professional forum for the exchange of information concerning matters of mutual interest.
  3. To promote harmony, cooperation and cordial business relations among the members.
  4. To encourage a high standard of ethics.
  5. To encourage proper claims handling.
  6. To discourage false or fraudulent claims.
  7. To expose dishonest, unscrupulous or unethical practices by whomever committed.
  8. To increase the efficiency and knowledge of members and their company claim departments


The Southeastern Claim Executives Association was formed in 1957 by a group of claim executives from insurance companies operating in the southeastern states. This group of insurance claim executives recognized a need to create a forum by which they could exchange ideas and increase the level of corporation among their companies. The Southeastern Claim Executives Association rebranded as the Atlantic Claim Executives Association in April 2013 as it expanded its geographic boundaries to include insurance claim operations located not only in the Southeast United States but also in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast portions of the Country.

The ACEA membership includes companies who operate in the Atlantic and Gulf States. The association’s members are employed by either a property/casualty insurance company, corporate self -insurer, a third party administrator, or a managing general agent that are wholly owned subsidiaries of an insurance company or corporate self- insurer. The level of cooperation and information shared among the members and their companies has been hugely successful and valuable, while complying with antitrust laws.


The ACEA meets twice a year, in the spring and the fall in cities located throughout the Atlantic and Gulf States.   The spring meeting takes place in a conference setting and is opened to members & others who may not meet the criteria for membership, but play a supportive role for the member companies. The fall meeting is designed as a workshop for members only unless otherwise announced.

The workshop and conference speakers include a variety of experts such as attorneys, lobbyist, regulators, medical and mental health doctors, weather and climate analyst, fire and fraud investigators.

The relevance of the topics and the quality of the association’s speakers have consistently created an excellent learning environment while still maintaining a small group setting for more productive networking among attendees.

Since 1984 the ACEA has awarded annual academic college scholarships to a member's eligible child that demonstrates academic excellence.  The ACEA scholarship program is independently administered by Scholarship Management Services ( A Division of Scholarship America).